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If you want to trade on a user-friendly platform with unheard of low fees. And you want to be able to do this worldwide from within a secure environement. Then DEGIRO is the broker for you.

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Save on your transactions

DEGIRO is able to provide all investors with transparent institutional rates thanks to its innovative technology and cost-focused approach. We offer fees which are on average 90%* lower than our competitors.

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Your saving
  Bank of Ireland €1.000 €2,40 €26,40 91%
  Ryanair €5.000 €4,00 €38,50 90%
  Kerry Group €10.000 €6,00 €71,00 92%
  Google €10,000 €0,59 €68,00 99%

Why over 200.000 investors trade with DEGIRO?


Unheard of low fees

Save on average 90% on your transaction costs. Trading with DEGIRO can save investors hundreds of euros in transaction costs.

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User-friendly platform

Invest safely via your desktop, tablet or mobile phone on the user-friendly platforms of DEGIRO. Invest like the professionals. Always and everywhere.

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Safe and Reliable

You can invest safely with DEGIRO. Your investments are 100% segregated and held within a separate custodian entity.

Safe investing with DEGIRO

Trade Worldwide

DEGIRO has been operating for many years as a broker for highly active and professional investors within Europe.

The DEGIRO infrastructure has been built and developed entirely in-house.

Through our systems it is possible to trade on all major stock markets worldwide using a multitude of financial instruments.


Receive €20 in transaction credit

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Open your account now and receive €20

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