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Investing in futures with low fees

If you’re an experienced investor and want to invest in futures, our comprehensive platform and low rates makes it easy to do so. See a complete overview of our unprecedented fees on our fee page.



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Interested in buying futures?

We offer a very wide range of futures to choose from. However, when you open an account with us, you cannot invest in futures directly. This is because you will need an Active or Trader profile, which involves additional appropriateness tests and conditions. This is because of the relatively high risk and complexity, making futures unsuitable for novice or inexperienced investors. Once you have a complete understanding of how futures work, you can start trading futures. A good place to start is watching the video on the left.

When you are ready to buy your first future, you must pay a deposit (the initial margin) to be able to enter the position. This required margin is a percentage of the contract value. On our investment platform, you will find the name of the product and the corresponding risk category. This risk category indicates how much margin must be paid to conclude the contract.

What are futures?

Futures are standardised contracts that, like options, are made between two parties at a fixed price and expiry date. It is a contract to deliver an underlying product at an agreed time in the future at an agreed price.

Unlike other financial products such as stocks, with futures, you do not pay the full cash amount upfront or own the underlying product. Instead, you deposit initial margin to enter the futures position. Since only a percentage of the contract’s value needs to be put up initially, futures are highly leveraged financial instruments. This means that slight price movements can have a large impact.

There are different types of futures, depending on the underlying product. Among these are commodity futures, index futures, equity futures and fixed income futures.

Want to find out more? Read our article on futures.

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explanation on how to calculate the value of a future contract and how much margin one has to have

A product for experienced investors

Due to their relatively high risk and complexity, futures are not suitable for beginner or inexperienced investors. Investors that choose to invest in futures can bear a loss of capital and generally have a shorter investment horizon. Even for the most experienced investors, losses can be substantial.

If you are a beginning investor, it is best to start off with basic financial products, such as stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and investment funds. With these, potential losses are limited to your initial investment.

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Why invest in futures?

Investing in futures can help with risk management and speculation. In terms of risk management, investors can use futures to hedge price movements of the underlying product. On the other hand, speculators can use futures to profit from price movements of the underlying product.

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Risk of investing in futures

Investing in futures can be rewarding, but it comes with high risk. You can end up losing more than your initial investment. In some cases, the maximum loss is unlimited. We recommend only investing in financial products that match your knowledge and experience and only entering into obligations that you can meet with money that you do not need in the short term.

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How are futures settled?

A unique feature of futures is that they are settled daily. At the end of each trading day, the closing market price is determined by the exchange that the future trades on. This is known as the daily mark-to-market (MTM) price, and it is the same for everyone. There are daily mark-to-market settlements until the expiry of the contract or the position is closed out.

The payment for a futures contract is made at the end of the agreed term. This can be done by physical delivery or a cash settlement, but cash settlement is more common.

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Note: Investing involves risks. You can lose (a part of) your invested funds. We advise you to only invest in financial products which match your knowledge and experience.

Investing involves risks. You can lose (a part of) your invested funds. We advise you to only invest in financial products which match your knowledge and experience.

We want to empower people to become the best investors they can be. By offering a universe of possibilities and choices on our user-friendly platform, we are removing barriers to make investing accessible to everyone: beginners or experts. You get access to a wide variety of products on more than 50 global exchanges to have the freedom to invest the way you like. In our world, you also get great value for money. So, without compromising an inch on the quality, security and range of our investment services, we offer incredibly low fees. Prioritising your needs has helped us become the leading European online broker. Our 2+ million clients and 90+ international awards are proof of our success.


Terms and conditions for the €100 transaction fees offer

If you activate your DEGIRO investment account before the 1st of February 2023, DEGIRO will reimburse your transaction fees up to €100. The following conditions apply to this offer:

  • The offer is valid until the 31st of January 2023.
  • During the offer period, new clients who have activated an account will receive up to €100 in transaction fees reimbursed.
  • The first transaction costs and external handling fees up to €100 within the timeframe until the 28th of February 2023 will be reimbursed.
  • We will reimburse the transaction costs and external handling fees you have spent (up to a maximum of €100) to your DEGIRO account in early March.
  • This offer is only valid for new clients with an Irish DEGIRO account.
  • To be eligible for this offer, the new client needs to make a first deposit to validate the account (minimum deposit is €0.01) and activate their DEGIRO account.
  • New clients who started their registration before the offer period, but activate their DEGIRO account during the offer period, are also eligible for this offer.
  • If an existing account is already linked to the address of the new client, participation is excluded.
  • Each new client can only claim the €100 transaction credit once.

Acceptance of offer conditions

By participating in the offer, the client automatically accepts the offer conditions and terms. DEGIRO may terminate the campaign prematurely or change the campaign conditions. DEGIRO will communicate any changes via the website.


Participation in the offer is open to all clients who have activated an account at DEGIRO on or before the 31st of January 2023.