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The below list indicates the exchanges that you can short sell on of the exchanges DEGIRO offers trading on. Please note that this list is indicative and changes can be made at any given time.

It is possible that DEGIRO does not offer short selling for a specific security that trades on an exchange to which DEGIRO offers this service. It could be that the security in question cannot be borrowed. In this case, you will receive a message explaining this rejection at the time of the order placement.

Athens Stock Exchange not checked
Australian Securities Exchange not checked
Bolsa de Madrid checked
Borsa Italiana S.p.A. checked
Börse Frankfurt checked
Budapest Stock Exchange not checked
Euronext Amsterdam checked
Euronext Brussel checked
Euronext Lisbon checked
Euronext Paris checked
Hong Kong Stock Exchange not checked
Irish Stock Exchange checked
Istanbul Stock Exchange not checked
London Stock Exchange checked
NASDAQ, NYSE, NYSE MKT (AMEX), NYSE Arca not checked
OMX Copenhagen checked
OMX Helsinki checked
OMX Stockholm checked
Oslo Stock Exchange checked
Prague Stock Exchange not checked
Singapore Exchange not checked
SIX Swiss Exchange checked
Tokyo Stock Exchange not checked
Toronto Stock Exchange not checked
Toronto Ventures Exchange not checked
Vienna Stock Exchange checked
Warsaw Stock Exchange not checked
Xetra checked

When DEGIRO receives a notification of a dividend it will be shown on your Portfolio page under the Upcoming Dividends section. After it is paid, the listing will be removed from that section and paid into your Cash Funds. A record of this can then be found under your Account tab under the pay date.

Dividend payments from stock positions will be paid to your account with any applicable withholding taxes deducted. On the Ex-Date the respective value will reserved to your account. Typically the funds will be added to your account one working day after the Pay Date.

To receive reduced rates of tax on income from US shares if entitled, please complete the applicable W-8 form which can be found under My Tasks in the WebTrader.

Yes, this is possible for all stocks listed on the Euronext exchange. The company itself has to offer the possibility as well.

If you want to make use of this option, please send a message to ca@degiro.ie. There may be an additional cost for this service. Please see the Fee Schedule and Custody Fee Schedule for details.

The request for the stock dividend has to be sent within three working days after the ex-dividend date. If you did not receive a confirmation by mail within two working days after sending your request, please contact DEGIRO via ca@degiro.ie.

Due to the new PRIIPS legislation, as of the 2nd of January 2018 a number of (foreign) products will become (temporarily) unavailable to purchase. Holding or selling these products will remain possible. The affected products are a selection of different products such as ETFs, derivatives and leveraged products. The new regulation makes it mandatory for all issuing parties to provide documentation for investors. These products will no longer be purchasable on our platform lasting until the documentation requirements are met.

Which products will this affect?

This regards a selection of foreign ETFs and derivatives where no correct documentation and/or documentation in English is provided.

How long will this last?

This will differ per product, and solely depends on the issuing parties. As soon as correct documentation is available, the products will be purchasable again on our platform.

Can I still own or sell these products?

Yes, the change only prevents you from purchasing these products on our platform. Owning or selling them will work as it did before, and remain possible.

Can I still purchase these ETFs and derivatives with other parties?

As this is the result of a change in European legislation, all issuing parties in Europe need to comply to this demand. All Irish brokers will only be able to offer these products when the correct documentation is available.

DEGIRO offers clients access to a wide range of financial instruments including:

  • Shares
  • Bonds
  • Investment Funds
  • Trackers (ETFs)
  • Leveraged Products
  • Warrants
  • Options
  • Futures

For a full list of available markets please refer to the Products & Markets page.

You have the possibility to invest across over 60 exchanges worldwide, for a full list of available markets please refer to the Products & Markets page.

No. We do not accommodate trading on over the counter (OTC) products. For a full list of available markets please refer to the Products & Markets page.

This will depend on whether or DEGIRO offers the exchange that the products are listed on. We do not offer access to American Pink Sheets or US Over-the-Counter (OTC) markets. For a full list of available markets please refer to the Products & Markets page.

DEGIRO does not offer automatic direct investing. Orders must be manually placed. However we do offer 200 commission-free ETFs. Please note that this is subject to conditions. For details see here.

If you would like to trade on a financial instrument which is not offered onto the WebTrader platform, please contact our Service Desk at clients@degiro.ie and we can check if this is something which we facilitate. Typically a product can be added to the platform as long as it trades on an exchange that DEGIRO offers.

GBX is the abbreviation for penny sterling.

Stocks on the London Stock Exchange often trade in pence rather than pounds. When using the DEGIRO WebTrader, please be aware that when entering a price in GBX, it is not the same as a price in GBP.

For example, a stock which trades at 100 GBX is equivalent to 1.00 GBP or £1.00.

Through DEGIRO you can trade in LSE AIM stocks but there are a few points to consider before starting to trade AIM stocks.

The Alternative Investment Market or AIM was launched with the purpose of allowing smaller companies to gain a listing on a stock exchange without the entry and regulatory requirements of the main LSE. The FTSE AIM works differently than the main market.

The London Stock Exchange offers three trading services for equity securities.

  • The SETS is the primary order book for large cap LSE stocks and some of the more liquid AIM stocks. It features a full electronic order book with executable quotes and centralised clearing.
  • The SETSqx trading service is more commonly used for less liquid or smaller companies. SETqx listed products do not offer continuous trading as SETS products but rather trade via four intra-day electronic order book auctions scheduled at 9am, 11am, 2pm, and 4:35pm. Stocks can also trade OTC (over-the-counter) by individual market makers outside of these auction times.
  • The SEAQ (Stock Exchange Automated Quotation system) is a non-electronic executable quote service where market makers provide AIM stock quotes. The system has no publicly available order book and trades conducted in a quote driven market traded OTC.

DEGIRO recommends potential investors to inform themselves with the specifics of each trading service before trading on the AIM exchange as liquidity can be limited, information may not be publicly available, and trades may be conducted off book and outside of auction times despite other open orders in the market at the time. You can find on what trading service each security trades on the London Stock Exchange website.

For more information, DEGIRO recommends reading the LSE’s document on trading services.

The information presented above is intended to provide basic information in relation to the FTSE AIM market and should not be considered to be advice, DEGIRO accept no responsibility in any inaccuracies or incorrect information. All trading carries risks and investors should remain knowledgeable about the products and markets they are trading prior to investing. Further information can be obtained by referring to the London Stock Exchange website.

Yes. This service is referred to as Debit Money and is available for Active, Trader, and Day Trader profiles. For further information please see the document Profiles and the separate Debit Money Conditions.

DEGIRO works with a portfolio based margin model to establish the risk of the entire investment portfolio.

For the calculation of the risk on options DEGIRO uses an option valuation model. This model calThe category of a Financial Instrument indicates how much risk the DEGIRO margin model attributes to the Financial Instrument. Shares are categorized from A to D. For shares with category A, an Event risk of 75% applies in a Trader Profile. In the Active Profile, the Event risk is 99% for a long position in category A and 100.5% for a short position. Below you will find an overview of the categories and risks:

 ABCDEFGHIJno category
 ABCDEFGHIJno category

Please note that for an Active profile, when a product is a direct derivative of an index (such as an AEX future), then the margin percentages of the Trader profile are used. For category A, this would be 75%, category E 7.5%, etc. For ETFs tracking an index, this is not the case.

For more information on the way in which DEGIRO manages risk, please refer to our Investment Portfolio Risk Handbook.

Yes. This service is referred to as Debit Securities and is available for Active, Trader, and Day Trader profiles. For further information please see the document Profiles and the separate Debit Securities Conditions.

No. We do not offer to opportunity to go short on US securities.

Yes. This service is referred to as Derivatives and is available for Active, Trader, and Day Trader profiles. For further information please see the document Profiles and the separate Derivatives Conditions.

Yes US options are now available. Please refer to the Products & Markets page on our website for all option markets currently available.

No. DEGIRO is an execution only broker and as such, we do not give out any advisory services.

When trading in more complex instruments (options and futures contracts, leveraged products, funds, trackers, etc.) it is recommended to review the full details of the security before investing.

To find the full specs of these types of products, please refer to the prospectus of the given security. These can be found on the website of the issuer and can be found using the name, ticker, or ISIN of the product.

Additional information can be found in the document Characteristics and risks of Financial Instruments.

DEGIRO will decide this on a discretionary basis. If we offer an exchange listing for the drawing, we will inform clients about this by e-mail or by a message in the WebTrader.
DEGIRO does not currently support API integration for retail clients.

Note: Investing involves risks. You can lose (a part of) your deposit. We advise you to only invest in financial products which match your knowledge and experience.

Investing involves risks. You can lose (a part of) your deposit. We advise you to only invest in financial products which match your knowledge and experience.