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At DEGIRO we segregate client’s assets from the assets of DEGIRO. This means your assets are held within a separate legal entity, and this separation means that in the unlikely event of DEGIRO going into liquidation your assets will not be included in this liquidation. DEGIRO uses Beleggersgiro as an agent to hold assets, this agent is passive and performs no other function than to hold these assets. Your assets are therefore held in the safest way possible. 

DEGIRO is an investment firm and as such is under the supervision of The Netherlands AFM (Financial Markets Authority) and prudential supervision of the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank).

Cash Fund

DEGIRO is not a bank but an investment company. A bank may use the money that clients keep with it for its own business purposes, loans to third parties and other investments. If this goes wrong, your money is lost. You therefore run a risk with the bank. For this reason the deposit guarantee system is available. Because DEGIRO is not a bank, DEGIRO may not use the money that it holds for its clients for its own investments. All money flows run via Beleggersgiro. DEGIRO immediately exchanges money that you transfer to the Central Account of Beleggersgiro for Units in one of the FundShare Cash Funds.The prospectuses can be viewed there. These are investment funds that aim, with as little risk as possible, to achieve a yield that is slightly below the regular market rate in the currency concerned. All assets in the Cash Funds are held completely segregated by a custodian who is independent from the manager of that fund and run no risk in the event of any mandatory liquidation of DEGIRO or of the manager. Your money is therefore just as safe at DEGIRO as your investments.

Margin Cash Fund

If you hold positions at Beleggersgiro in Derivatives, Debit Money or Debit Securities, money received from or for you may be invested in a Margin Cash Fund. The Margin Cash Funds have the right to pledge their positions to third parties with whom Beleggersgiro holds the relevant positions for you in Derivatives, Debit Money or Debit Securities. The prospectuses can be viewed there.