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If you have forgotten your user name it can be found in the welcome e-mail from DEGIRO. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Service team via clients@degiro.ie.

With a Custody profile the securities are held separately and are unable to be loaned out to third parties.

This profile has a number of other differences compared to regular account types, derivatives are not able to be traded, real time prices are not available for the Euronext exchanges and a different fee is applied for the profile. However you are still able to profit from low fees and save money through trading with DEGIRO.

For further information in relation to profiles please see the document Profiles.

Standard Profile

Custody Profile

Unprecedented low fees

Unprecedented low fees

Shares, Bonds, Trackers and Funds

Shares, Bonds, Trackers and Funds

Going “Short” is possible


Debit Money facility is available

Debit Money facility (currently not available)

Trading Turbos, Speeders and Sprinters


Free real time prices


Derivatives trading



No, you are entirely free to decide how many transactions you make at DEGIRO. You only pay fees on each transaction you make with DEGIRO.

When you want to close your account you can send an e-mail to the Service & Order desk with the request to close your account. To improve our service delivery we would like to know the reason for the closure of your account. When we have received your e-mail, we will close the account and return any deposits to your nominated bank account. 

When you want to change the nominated bank account you are required to contact the Customer Service and Order Desk and advise them about the change. Then you will be required to send a deposit from the new bank account, this first deposit will be used to identify the bank account is registered in your name. For security reasons the new bank account must also be in the same name as the previous bank account, so the name must match the previous account. Your nominated bank account will be changed after we have confirmed the account belongs to you and has the same name as your current nominated bank account. 

Download the ‘Transfer portfolio’ form in the document centre. Please complete this form and send it to us online or by post. DEGIRO does not reimburse any costs imposed by your bank.

At DEGIRO you can obtain debit money at extremely low rates through the use of allocation. The costs for the allocated amounts are as follows:




Debit rate (EUR)

EONIA (minimum of 0) + 1,25%

Debit rate (USD)

USD LIBOR (minimum of 0) + 1,25%

Debet rente (GBP)

LIBOR (minimum of 0) + 1,25%

Debit rate (SEK)

STIBOR (minimum of 0) + 1,55%

Debit rate (DKK)

DKK Tomorrow/Next (minimum of 0) + 1,75%

Debit rate (NOK)

NOWA (minimum of 0) + 1,50%

Debit rate (PLN)

WIBOR (minimum of 0) + 3,50%

Debit rate (HUF)

BUBOR (minimum of 0) + 2,50%

Debit rate (CZK)

PRIBOR (minimum of 0) + 3,00%

Every month you can specify the amount and currency you wish to allocate to your account. Your most recent request is decisive and will be valid from the first day of the next month. This request will automatically be renewed for every following month unless you specify otherwise.

Allocation is simple:

  • • Send an email from your registered email address to clients@degiro.ie with the subject “allocation".
  • • State the last three characters of your username.
  • • Specify the currency and amount you wish to allocate to your account.

For example, if you wish to allocate 10,000 euros and 2,000 dollars for next month, you would need to send the following email;

Subject: "allocation"

Username : (last three characters)

Amount : 10.000 EUR

Amount : 2.000 USD

The benefit of allocation is that you obtain margin for extremely low rates. Keep in mind that the rates are charged over the whole allocated amount, also when partially used. Your request will always be fulfilled, however debit money is subject to available margin in your account.

Non allocated debit funds are available at an annual rate of 4%. Interest costs are charged monthly.

Please go to www.degiro.ie and click ‘Login in‘ the top right-hand corner of the page, then simply enter your user name and password in the login window and click ‘Log in’. Click here to go directly to the DEGIRO login page.

If you have forgotten your password, you can use the reset password option on the ‘Log in‘ screen by clicking ‘Forgotten your login details?‘  Enter your username and the email address you provided when registering with DEGIRO.  Click ‘Reset Password‘.  An email will be sent to your registered email address with further instructions.