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Becoming a client

Via the registration form, you can register as a client entirely online within ten minutes and start investing as soon as you make your first deposit. DEGIRO uses derived identification for this purpose which means there is no complicated paperwork to fill in.

It is also possible to open a joint account or a business account, for further information on these accounts and the process involved in opening one please contact Customer Services via clients@degiro.ie. Please note, we will require a signature from both account-holders.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service via clients@degiro.ie

Absolutely. Simply complete the online registration form. Please also ensure that you provide us with the following information:

• The Business Acceptance Form, completed in full and signed;
• A copy of the company’s articles of association;
• A recent copy of the registration with the Chamber of Commerce, Companies House or equivalent institution;
• A signed copy of a valid identity document for each of the directors named in the articles of association.

Yes, certainly. Please contact our Customer Service & Order Desk via clients@degiro.ie for further information.

No, there are no costs involved, you can open an account completely free of charge.